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9-Day Challenge

September 12th → September 20th

6 LIVE Challenge Sessions - 6 pm MST

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Are you afraid to reach out to people for fear of not knowing what to say, or sounding salesy? You want to build real connections with your Divine client but how and where can you find your Divine client?

When you do finally get into a conversation, do you get lost in "small talk" and find it hard to direct the conversation in an authentic, natural, "win-win" direction. Are you afraid to ask for the sale?

This FREE 9-day challenge is perfect for you...

If you are ready to have heart-centered conversations, be led by the spirit and take the needed action to increase your cash flow...

We'll give you everything you need to find your Divine client, know what to say from lead to → sales call → to offer, without feeling or sounding salesy.

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Course Creators

Online Service Providers

Conquer Your Fear of Prospecting

with Heart-Centered Connections!

Your Challenge Action Plan

September 12th → September 20th

Day1ChallengeYour Inner Dream Stealer (IDS)LIVE SESSIONSept 12th - 6 pm MSTIdentify when IDS is attackingLearn the 4 Cs to overcome your IDSIncrease confidence and productivity
Day2ChallengeDivine ClientLIVE SESSIONSept 13th - 6 pm MSTWho is your Divine clientWhere is your Divine clientHow to connect with your Divine client
Day3ChallengeHeart-Centered ProspectingLIVE SESSIONSept 14th - 6 pm MSTLearn how to build a heart-centered connectionLearn a powerful way to pre-qualifyLearn 3 key questions to lead the conversation
Day4ChallengeLeading To Your OfferLIVE SESSIONSept 15th - 6 pm MSTMatch their needs with your offerPitch your offer in an irresistible wayBuild trust through the Solution Bridge
Day5 C h a l l e n g e Grace vs. Excuses Sept 16th CHALLENGE VIDEO
Day6 C h a l l e n g e Build Momentum Sept 17th CHALLENGE VIDEO
Day7 C h a l l e n g e Rest In The Lord Sept 18th CHALLENGE VIDEO
Day8 C h a l l e n g e No Salesy Selling LIVE SESSION Sept 19th - 6 pm MST Apply the greatest Biblical sales conversation How to ask for the sale naturally & confidently The 6 Whats to make more sales
Day9 C h a l l e n g e Your Cash Flow System LIVE SESSION Sept 20th - 6 pm MST Know your sales math to reach goals Simplify and automate with systems Your Divine CEO schedule

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Don't you love it when your friend sees something you would adore and tells you about it, whether it be a good movie, a great deal, or even an incredible challenge like this? It's much more fun to do a challenge with another business buddy. Make it a time of fun, learning, and growing together—the more you share, the more entries into the draw for the prize. Details on how you can share will be in your welcome email when you register.